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If you crave deeper bodywork, this massage is for you! 
Ashiatsu is a Japanese term that translates to “foot pressure”, and stems from several Asian barefoot techniques used in India, Africa, China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.  Ashiatsu Bar Therapy is a hybrid dance of Swedish and deep tissue massage performed with the therapist’s bare feet while the client rests comfortably on the table.  Crème is applied generously to the client’s body and the therapist uses overhead bars for balance.  The therapist is able to use the weight of their body, allowing for a much deeper pressure without pain or discomfort.Following treatment, clients experience deep relaxation, pain relief, improved posture, and enhanced physical structure and balance.  Although ideal for athletes, individuals with thick musculature, and those who enjoy deep tissue massage, almost everyone can benefit from this unique bodywork technique.Full Circle Massage & Wellness is one of the first to bring this wonderful Oriental practice to the area!  Immerse yourself in Ashiatsu massage and experience a whole new sense of tranquility and rejuvenation!
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